Tuesday, 17 May 2011


About five years ago, I was travelling to France for a vacation. First, we travelled to Calais and we got the underground train to France. It was cold, we were in our car! Then, when we got to France, we travelled for miles into the countryside. We were trying to find the cottage..., well, mu grandad's cottage. We stopped and looked at the map; then my dad reversed the car into a ditch. We were stuck, but luckily, we were outside a farmer's house and they got their tractor and pulled us out and then they made us a coffee. It was the best coffee we ever tasted! Then they showed us to the cottage and finally we got there and it was about five in the morning. Next morning was a great day! We played table tennis all day and we had a BBQ. Next day we went into the village. It was so beautiful!...,but quiet. Then we went back and I forgot to close the house gate and my dog ran away and I was behind, running in my bare-feet and we stopped in front of some French people and I tried to say: "get my dog", but they didn't know English and I didn't French. But I finally caught him in a field, barking at some cows, it was quite funny!
Finally, we went home and I rested.


By Holly

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