Saturday, 26 March 2011


Something terrible happened. A body appeared in the river last night. The dead body hasn't got any blood on it and it has got two little holes on its neck. It is as though a vampire attacked him. Apparently all happened by the river Thames last night in the East End, very close to one of the river quays. The victim is a caucasian middle age man. Short, fair hair; no glasses, clean teeth; athletic complexion.
When I first saw his body I thought he had fallen by accident. But then I understood that someone killed him.
I don't believe in vampires, but someone has been reading about them lately.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

An Amazing Journey!

Dear Claudia,

Sylvia and
I had a nice time in Istanbul. We stayed in a nice hotel. It was not new, but the rooms had recently been redecorated.

Very early in the morning, we heard the prays from the high minarets and we were overwhelmed by the religious feeling around us.

We had a boat trip through the Bosphorus Strait and we were taken from the old to the moder side of this huge city. It was sunny and bright. Food was fantastic; it was strange to have olives and boiled eggs for breakfast. Fish was delicious but they don't eat any pork at all.

We went by tram to the main city market a couple of days earlier. We could buy different kinds of tea and spicies. The shop windows were full of shining and finely made pieces of gold. Turkish people are experts in making soft silk carpets and cloths.

The most traditional street is called Taksim. There was a tram going to and from; up and down the street. It was crowded with people.

I asked an old shop owner the price of cheese. He said: “one million”. I discovered later that it was only a silvered coin what I needed to pay for the cheese.

One day, as we walked accross a bridge , after going up the Galata tower, we decided to walk back to our hotel. Very soon, we realized it was too far to walk. Sylvia stopped and said she'd like to have a Turkish bath. She was given a towel and two nice women got in with her. I waited for her in the hall. Two kind men started to talk to me in English and Spanish and they gave me a glass of tea.

Did you know that Sultans (Attoman Emperors) had their own shower when noone in Europe had?

We also visited an old palace, a Roman cave with old columns and Saint Sophia's old Cathedral, which is now a mosque and a museum.

I strongly recommend you to visit Turkey and Istanbul.


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Making a movie

To make a movie it's necessary a good story; attractive actors and pretty actresses and a producer with a lot of money.
First, the scriptwriters write dialogues for actors and when the script is ready it is given to the actors. If the actors agree, they sign a contract with the producer.

Sometimes, some actors don't want to make a scene because they don't like it.
After that, they begin to film the movie. The movie is filmed in different places of the world: for example, some scenes of Harry Potter were filmed in England and some other in Portugal.
Normally, it takes a long time to make a movie.
Finally, the movie is shown in the cinemas and it it is very good it will be awarded in the Oscars ceremony.