Saturday, 26 March 2011


Something terrible happened. A body appeared in the river last night. The dead body hasn't got any blood on it and it has got two little holes on its neck. It is as though a vampire attacked him. Apparently all happened by the river Thames last night in the East End, very close to one of the river quays. The victim is a caucasian middle age man. Short, fair hair; no glasses, clean teeth; athletic complexion.
When I first saw his body I thought he had fallen by accident. But then I understood that someone killed him.
I don't believe in vampires, but someone has been reading about them lately.


Anonymous said...

This history is invented?It´s amazing.

Greetings.Enrique Marqués Lama

José Juan Herrerías said...

To be sincere, I do not remember. I was reading a couple of novels by Anne Rice and it just came up to my mind. It was just an attempt that my students read some Enlgish.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's the best history I ever read...Have you seen it on a tv programme? maybe 4th milenium?
Greeting from the beyond.†

Anonymous said...

Sure! Hello Javier or Alejandro I think it was any of you both who made this comment.