Thursday, 19 May 2011

SMS Language

I explained some of my students this morning what SMS language is -even though I didn't write this sort of messages myself when I was a teenager- and asked them to write a short message as classroom task.

Hi teacher, DW, 2mro I won't go2 the sk8 park, so I'll do my homework,k?
By Miriam

I c a gr8 film 4u. It's "No country 4 old men". Btw I c u in u house.
By Alejandro

Hi, teacher. Do u can change exam of 2morrow? I can't study this afternoon :)

By Salome

HI teacher, could u change 2mro's exam? It's 'cause we havw 2 do some other exams and I won't have time 4 studying 10q

By Álvaro

Hi, teacher, 2moro I will go to classes more l8 10q teacher :)

By Miriam

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