Sunday, 13 February 2011

Acronyms or Backronyms?

It was mid morning and one of my mates teachers was talking about computers and learning new things and stuff like that, and then she said to me:
- For sure you know what "wiki" means, because you are the English teacher, are you?
- "No,..... I don't know" I answerd circumspectively
- Well.. It's the acronym of "what I know is.....", she explained.
I was a bit annoyed because, some time ago I wrote an article on my blog about acronyms,and I did not know this one. I didn't think of it much longer, but I was a bit concerned.
Next day she came back to me and said:
- "I discovered that "wiki" is a false acronym."
- Come on! This was even worse! I never heard of "false acronyms".
Eventually, I found out that there are a certain number of acronyms that are called backronyms because they come from people's misunderstandings or urban legends. Among them is "wiki", which actually comes from the Hawaiian langauge and it meant "quick, quick"

Thanks to the "Ecology" teacher I have learned more things about English.

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