Thursday, 2 February 2012

Living Abroad

Nowadays, travelling is a possibility for everybody. Most people have already visited other countries over the world and an important number of people have lived abroad. The only idea of living abroad is very interesting, because it means a change in anyone's life.

If you move to another country, you'll find a new lifestyle: you'll know a new culture, you'll meet new people who can be really different from people in your own country. You'll also learn a new language..... Firstly, meeting new people always makes you happy, and also you can meet someone really special. You know what I mean! You can find some good friends. Secondly, you can start a new life: If you are not proud of our way of life, ou should change it. Finally, getting to know a new culture can make you get in touch with new customs and traditions.

However, not everything about living abroad is peaches and cream. Firstly, you mjust learn the language, because if you can't still speak the language, you won't be able to communicate to other people. Also you'll have to find a job to live on, and a house to live in. Secondly, you leave your family and friends in your country, something that is very sad... Finally, you aren't sure if everything will be okay in your new house, and this must make you think you do realy want to move.

In my opinions, there are enough arguments for living abroad. If I could, I'd like to try it, but diasadvantages keep me off from thinking about it. Anyway, I know that If I could, I wouldn't go alone; I'd like to take some of my friends with me!

by Antonio

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