Thursday, 7 May 2009

Telling the Time in Enlgish

We are trying to work together in order to prepare a few didactic units for next year. We are supposed to be receiving many computers at school after September. This is my first unit:

To begin with, you have to know how to tell the time in English. Follow this link, read and learn.

But you´d probably like to watch a video and check how it sounds.

Or probably you´d like to see some more examples. Please read this presentation.

This one is also really nice, I´m sure we are going to learn a lot toguether reading this one:

You probably need some more reading about it and probably you can start now and do an exercise online.

Did you know there´s a very famous song about the time? Whatch this video, it´s fantastic!

How about reading the song lytics to know what is all about?

There´s nothing like having fun while learning. So, shall we play? Read the introduction, ask your teacher if you don´t understand and follow the link witht he games.

Have a nice time.

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